Our scientific research has shown that the Western Short Grasslands is an area rife with wildlife- birds, butterflies and mammals especially. However, in the last hundred years attempts at dryland cultivation in the area has ruined much of the land, as has the invasion of mesquite. As the majority of the land lies in ranches and farms, cattle overgrazing and increasing conversion of land for agriculture purposes are beginning to pose new threats to the ecoregion. Some of the consequences of these events are already showing- the bird population of the Western Short Grasslands is declining faster than any other on the continent.

Ecotourism, when implemented in the area, will greatly aid efforts to protect the Western Short Grasslands. Both local and world-wide awareness of the region will be raised and a steady source of funds will be provided for conservation efforts. Most significantly, ecotourism will bring jobs and income to the residents of neighboring communities, increasing their cooperation and participation with preservation efforts.